Être humain (English translation)

English translation

Being human

I'm tired of being depressed, God, do you hear me?
I'm destroying myself, at the expense of my heart
I'd like to act otherwise, just a little
Maybe an outstretched man, it's rare
To see a human being being human, it shocks me,
It seems normal, it is me ?
I didn't notice
That I was hurting you, excuse me
They fired my dad, like a grubby
The future of my family depends surely on my album
I have to be here for my little sister, she's worried
I've learnt that being a big brother
Is not just hitting those who annoy her
It's not fair, I'm torn between my lyrical flights
That a few people understand, these money problems constrain me
Towards my family, my soul is full of debts
Dad never asked for help
He managed crisis as an expert
And when I was in my mother's womb
I was kicking her
I hurt her before I was born
Please forgive me
While we're apart
I'm doing all of this for you
Keep holding on making true
And now that we have gone this far
Wasn't it that we changed the truth
The only thing I need is you
I try to educate my fear, sometimes I choke
There's only God Who did everything alone,
When will we stop ? There's no heat anymore,
Let me accost you two seconds, it comes from my heart
You listen to my rap with a stethoscope, my friend became a father
And I'm so proud, I'm far from being a gangster
But I'll act like a godfather, and if you touch my goddaughter
In love, I'm very wild, everything is real in this album
I've just mixed some stories and changed the characters
We're just a tiny piece, do you feel inertia ?
No matter who I am, my lyrics are universal
And you spit on me
If you knew me, I'm sure we would be friends
I forgive you, I would maybe
Do like you against men like me, at the time
Before, I wanted to prove you some things
I was afraid so I wanted to fight
Since I narrowly escaped death
I'm afraid of nothing and I don't want to fight
I provide seeds, and I tell myself that my wide audience can sow them
Life is short, the years pass by quicker than the weeks
If I can do it, you can do it too
No, I'm not unique
No, I don't live in a wonderful flat
Don't trust appearances
People have already seen me,
As a drowned person, they didn't believe me
I have a pale skin but I like to share
The "mafé" at home, sometimes, what did you think?
And, chatterbox, I see people like the "Sape"
I try and I go beyond the appearances if I think they're worthy
And I pay it sometimes, people are not like we think they are, in itself
The serum of love is the kind of drink that we drink without thirst
I drink a hundred of them, ripple of the population
They have drunk too much of them, And got tired of, copulation, ovulation
There's no action without consequences,
But some accidents have benefits
Look at your belly button before you bang those girls
Tell to those who judge you, that it's just a vice
I have more love for sluts than for those sons of a bitch
I see the contour of your haloed hair shining
The sun, I'm sorry for those who laughed at you
I know it's hard to feel alive
In this stifling darkness, you and me
With infrared vision, we look like ghosts
I'm sorry for people that I love and that I can't see
Please forgive me
While we're apart
I'm doing all of this for you
Keep holding on making true
And now that we have gone this far
Wasn't it that we changed the truth
The only thing I need is you
I still feel sadness on the station platforms
I remember the summer holidays from the CAF
I lived things, experiences with drugs
And music saved me
There's nothing more precious than the keys of the cellar
You just want to touch checks, man
The devil is buying your soul
Every time that you throw your weapon in your hiding place
Each his own addictions, people are more and more less than nothing
They want to avoid my division when they have to pay the bill
They think that our bodies are waste
We consume the death and say that we'll not stop ourselves from living
And I thought about it the head in the toilets
You're a slave when you're not a self master
As I write this, I've stopped somking and drinking
I've stopped, my God, hope it lasts
I feel much better
Yeah, I've stopped, my God
I've stopped, my God
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Author's comments:

* In this song "Être humain" has two meanings
- being human (have feelings like mercy...)
- Human being

* "Mafé" is a traditional food from Africa
* "Sape" is a diminutive of "Société des Ambianceurs et des Personnes Élégantes" = "Society of Ambiance-Makers and Elegant People"
*CAF is a private organism which gives social supports to large families.

* Street language :
- "Shab" -> ami = friend
- "came" -> drogues = drugs
- "cher-tou" -> toucher = touch
- "Sheitan" -> diable = devil
- "chette-ca" -> cachette = hiding place


Être humain

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