Думка (English translation)



Тече вода в синє море,
Та не витікає;
Шука козак свою долю,
А долі немає.
Пішов козак світ за очі;
Грає синє море,
Грає серце козацькеє,
А думка говорить:
«Куди ти йдеш, не спитавшись?
На кого покинув
Батька, неньку старенькую,
Молоду дівчину?
На чужині не ті люде,—
Тяжко з ними жити!
Ні з ким буде поплакати,
Ні поговорити».
Сидить козак на тім боці,—
Грає синє море.
Думав, доля зустрінеться,—
Спіткалося горе.
А журавлі летять собі
Додому ключами.
Плаче козак — шляхи биті
Заросли тернами.
Submitted by Ivan Petryshyn on Wed, 14/03/2018 - 00:39
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English translation

THOUGHT by Taras Shevchenko

Versions: #1#2
THOUGHT by Taras Shevchenko
The water flows into th’ blue sea,
And never comes out,
A kozak looks for his fate,
But it can’t be found.
The kozak went to the far lands,
The blue sea is waving,
The lad’s heart is patting,
And, the thought is craving:
“where d’ you go without a blessing?
In whose care have you left
The father and your elderly mom,
And your young sweet lassie?
In foreign lands, the folks are strange,
Living with them’ s hard,
There’ll be no one to share concerns,
To talk heart-to-heart”.
The lad’s sitting on th’ other side,-
The blue sea goes high and low,
He thought he would meet his fate,
But he met a woe.
And the cranes are flying right
in perfect flocks home.
The lad’s crying- the olden ways
With thorns, are overgrown.
Translation from Ukrainian into English by Ivan Petryshyn
Poetry Translator
Traduttore della Poesia
Ivan (Ivanovych) Petryshyn
Submitted by Ivan Petryshyn on Wed, 14/03/2018 - 00:39
Author's comments:

It is my second poem by Shevchenko that I have translated into English.

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