Повіяв вітер степовий (English translation)


Повіяв вітер степовий

Повіяв вітер степовий,
Трава ся похилила.
Впав в бою козак молодий, |
Дівчина зажурилась. | (2)
А був то хлопець молодий,
Його б лишень кохати.
Він впав, як той сухий листок, |
Повік буде лежати. |(2)
Летить ворон з чужих сторон,
Та й жалібненько кряче
Вставай, козаче молодий, |
Твоя дівчина плаче. |(2)
Заплаче мати не одна,
Заплаче чорнобрива.
Що не одного козака, |
Сира земля накрила. |(2)
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Ukrainian folk military

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English translation

Blew the wind of the steppe

The wind of the steppe has blown,
The grass sways, is blown over.
(Falls in battle a Sich Rifelman)
A young, Kozak falls in battle,
A young girl, has worried so. (2)
And that boy, was so, oh so young,
Enough, it would have been, to be just loved.
He's fallen, like a dry leaf,
Forever there, will he lay. (2)
Flies in, the crow from foriegn parts,
And yet, mournfully it crows.
Arise, oh young Kozak arise,
Your girl, does weep for you so. (2)
Will weep, not only one mother,
Will weep, the dark browed beauty.
That there, for not one Kozak boy,
Will the damp earth, ever covered up. (2)
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Dying in battled unburried on the field happened often. A gold earring was worn, that someone would take pity and burry him, taking the earing as payment. 1650-1750 Adopted by the Sich Riflemen 1917-21, many who were lost, unfound.

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