四季 (Si ji) (English translation)

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Four Seasons

In the season where fresh flowers bloom,
It's a starting point which sets out again.
In the city skies of May,
An angel revels in the starlight.
Spring is because I long for you,
The sound of a stringed instrument in the spring winds.
It's the flowering crabapples blooming in the blue sky,
The delicate scent of elegance is like you.
I love your seasons so,
It's every time July comes.
Even though you and I are separated by thousands of miles,
You and I are still together.
The ancient city walls are like
The quiet lotuses blooming in the sunset.
The shadows which you mutually support
Slowly go into the evening breeze.
Fall is because you are by my side,
This is city's most beautiful sky.
You smile contrasts with the blue mountains,
Making my heart feel serene.
The Western mountains on a September afternoon,
Became my carefree home.
This fall and the former differences
Is also the initiation of life.
Letting go of a heart longing for profits,
Everything is because of you.
I simply sing for you,
[As] the sun illuminates the winter.
Submitted by Elda Mengisto on Sat, 18/08/2018 - 04:46
Author's comments:

With “五月”,“七月”,and “九月”, it may be lost in translation because it can not only refer to the months as we know it in the Gregorian calendar, but it can also refer to the months in the Chinese calendar. I used the former for my translation.

海棠花 are blooming Chinese crabapples.

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四季 (Si ji)