Aweeny Beek (قويني بيك) (English translation)

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Strengthen Me With You

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I'm living for you
What is my life if it is not near you
Yes, I am living because I love you
I found all my dreams with you
el 7ayah ya 7abeeby 7ayah
And the one before you I can't even remember
And the one who is after you, I don't want him
I want to live
My life is with you
And to forge my fears and weaknesses within your arms
Strengthen me with you
Strengthen my heart so it can live
My life after you will not count
I've waited for you long ago
Strengthen me with you
I want to calm you with my eyes
I want to live and die for you
What is my life if it is not near you?
I lived before you were days that have gone
In your arms, I relax
And what has passed, that's it, I've forgotten
What is better than the life I live with you?
And the feelings I feel when next to you?
The feelings I didn't know before you
I will only be for you
Every part of me calls for you
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Aweeny Beek (قويني بيك)

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