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Nootü abaana’ imie baare eemü, waatoto
¿O’toro auranaanokon ka’satu kaaputa?
¿Ootü daako veedu ü’müntümü awü’torü?
Nootü abaana’imie memaapoi o’movi’pio viñño emaamü’ta dau’bran otaaki’ñata,
Tü’naka aarü shipiiyu baarerü pusan.
Süano, notü anookanmue kataatu.
Nootü abaana’imie ooko aññatone ere’taka ookokaapu mipiaatopo’tü
¿Ka’cho muupusa ooto wairü?
Tüpürü’na otajpa’ko nunno pianarü’taka merupuae
Müarakana’jo aru’kako ade’mu’jo re’ta.
Nootü abaana’imie ¿anookü’wa ekari’chürü’wa?,
Beenkokon’yo puo’betü’puo.
Eba’rumü’puo eba’matoopopo apo’chopoopoyo.
Nootü abaana’imie, aseepirü’dan saano meeba
A’karükon puo’setü atuunu taama
Pia’kamo’topoko, adasakarükonwa toonorokon’wa,
Nootü abaana’imie akoodumu mipiaatoi
Mataamoi ani’chürü’puo adaakarü re’ta.
ada’ñarü’ta shürü’puo.
Nootü abaana’imie, ada’karü ere’napoturü atu’nemü’ja
Marooda amara’karüta aññatone paaporo noono ponokon etükon
Noono adaaki’miano adeemarü awü’tapo’topo samo’isha.
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En: The poem are written in Carib Language.
Es: El poema está escrito en idioma Kariña.

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English translation

Abaana’imie (Singing Bird)

Grandmother Abaana'imie1, singer and dancer,
How many languages are spoken in the Heaven?
When you'll turn around the sun?
Grandmother Abaana'imie, you've conceived me from your womb,
Whistling my voice at dawn,
Only the leaves know the song of who we are.
Grandmother Abaana'imie, you crossed twelve Heavens,
Tell me: Do you know my destination?
The firefly whispers verses in the ear of the Moon,
Planting my heart in your ashes.
Grandmother Abaana'imie, Who will I tell my sleepless nights?
You reminds the dark-eyes man,
And the ants on my belly button
where I hugged and kissed the darkness of pleasure.
Grandmother Abaana'imie, I'm mother of twins,
The spirits are on the fire of my womb,
Order them to go out with your brothers brids
At dawn.
Grandmother Abaana'imie, you crossed the river
You cried over the pottery creation of your life
Molded in your hands.
Grandmother Abaana'imie, without skin and masks
You carry away the tunes of the five worlds inside your maraca
The earth claims you, I'll take up your steps.
  • 1. In the Carib mythology, it's a bird-like spirit that leads to the departed souls into the Heaven.
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Based on the Spanish translation.

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