Adair - Valley And Death (Their Faces Crumble Away)


Valley And Death (Their Faces Crumble Away)

Blacked eyes and blood red skies,
It's colour that you lack.
Your malignant life, a malignant knife,
That feasts upon our backs.
From the shoulder blades to rib cages,
We've seen the other side.
Let the heavens rain down from the sky.
Let the nightmares come that stalk us in the night.
The cancer spread throughout our bodies,
Consuming everything in sight,
Before we even knew it was alive.
Yet we move on tonight, with open eyes,
On broken legs and spines.
We've been left for dead so many times
With no luxury to die.
This is a loss of innocence.
In memory of faceless friends,
We are the highest monuments
Above the tallest cities.
Submitted by tabbydog on Mon, 05/02/2018 - 02:35