Air Supply - Don't turn me away


Don't turn me away

We shared such a special love
It seemed to have no end
But now it hurts me just to remember
Your eyes used to tell me so much
That words could never find
And now you say you don't know
Where your future lies
But you've got to find it now
Or get left behind
Please don't turn me away
I can't forget it all in just one day
Take some time to speak your mind
But say it's not over
Please don't turn me away
Don't close the door on us this way
I'm so sure that there's much more
You just have to tell me
Remember those fireside nights
It's not that long ago
You said you wanted to stay there forever
I have you the strength of my hand
When things were running low
I didn't know you would go back on
What you said
There must be some reasons there
That you don't want to share
And just when you needed me
I said I'd be there until the end
What is it that's changed in you
When all I want is to be your friend
( I need a friend )
Don't turn me away
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