Air Supply - She never heard me call


She never heard me call

One warm night I fell in love
The air was still, the words would flow
We knew each other oh so well
And though just met you'd never tell
Sometimes we're just lonely hearts
That ride upon a floating card
Prepared to live those sleepless nights
For precious time in paradise
And now I find the future's gone
The reasons that I had to carry on are gone
I tried for it all
She never heard me call at all
There's no regrets, we made the choice
We listened to that silent voice
That haunts you 'til you just give in
And makes you like a child again
We drifted close then said goodbyes
Just reading well each other's eyes
The world had turned while we stood still
And held on to each other
And in between the right and wrong
Is somewhere that sometimes you can belong
I tried for it all
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