Albator (Générique) (English translation)


Albator (Générique)

Albator, Albator
Du fond de la nuit d'or
Albator, Albator
De bâbord à tribord
Tu veilles sur la galaxie
Sur la liberté aussi
Albator, Albator
Le corsaire de l'espace
Albator, Albator
Même si tu parais de glace
Ton cœur est bon
Ton cœur est grand
Comme le cœur d'un géant
Le bel Atlantis est ton vaisseau
Le pavillon noir est son drapeau
Bibop, Nausica sont avec toi
Albator, Albator
Avec ton équipage
Albator, Albator
Tu prends à l'abordage
Au stellarpon
Au planotir
Tous les Spatio-Cargyrs
Albator, Albator
Capitaine au cœur d'or
Albator, Albator
Bien plus fort que la mort
Tu es toujours au rendez-vous
N'importe quand, n'importe où
Tu es toujours au rendez-vous
Toujours avec nous
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English translation

Captain Harlock

Captain Harlock, captain Harlock,
from the edge of the golden night
(Cpt. harlock, cpt. Harlock)
from port to starboard,
you watch over the galaxy
and over freedom too.
Captain Harlock, captain Harlock,
the space corsair.
Captain Harlock, captain Harlock,
even though you seem jaded,
you have a kind heart,
you have a great heart
like a giant's.
The fair Atlantis is your ship,
the skulls and bones is her flag.
Tochiro1 and Miime are by your side.
Captain Harlock, captain Harlock,
together with your crew
(Cpt. harlock, cpt. Harlock)
you board
with your stellar harpoon
all the Space villains3
Captain Harlock, captain Harlock,
a captain with a heart of gold.
Captain Harlock, captain Harlock,
far stronger than death,
you're always up to the challenge4.
Anytime, anywhere,
you're always dependable,
always with us.
  • 1. not quite sure I got the right guy Regular smile
  • 2. "planar shot" or something?
    French adaptations were famous for their corny names, like Grendizer's "fulguro-poings" (lightning-ish fists), "corno-fulgur" (horn-ish lightning [strike]) or "planitrons" (planar thingies) Regular smile
  • 3. no idea what a Cargyr is supposed to be. Sounds a bit like "cargo" so that might be space galleons or something?
  • 4. "être au rendez-vous" is a bit vague, it means "we can count on you"', basically
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SaintMark    Sun, 01/07/2018 - 16:27

stanza 4 line 6 shows gibberish (blue footnote text)

petit élève    Sun, 01/07/2018 - 23:02

yep, it's a bug that has already been reported.