Alexander Listengort - Humanity, love your Angels


Humanity, love your Angels

Before we're born on our Planet,
We deal with our Carma,
We enter into Contract,
We Play the Lesson drama
And then, before we fly away,
Those Friends are registering to us,
We won't identify them now,
Beyond the Lessons' questions thus
So with the birth we're given Angels -
The closest friends, just two or three,
Who Love us more than anyone
Who plays the role of Masters thee
But Angels have no right, you know,
To convert any of your dreams,
If the Human wouldn't ask to
The Creature of the Shining Realms
And if you Rise to the Enlightenment,
And you have found the Path of Light,
The Master Angel will be given,
And you will recognize your Might
Humanity, request from Your Angels,
And they will be proud to Do,
Humanity, Love your Angels,
As they are Loving You Too
Submitted by Alex Listengort on Thu, 12/07/2018 - 15:40