Alexander Listengort - My dear God, so what's it all about?..


My dear God, so what's it all about?..

In the mountain of blue
Far away from the town
That is laughing at you
That keeps bringing down
In the colours of rainbow
That are playing on you
I'm free, like a seagull
It's my miracle view
And the meaning of life:
Everyday it's the sunrise
Everyday it's the sunset
It's the cycle of life
He lives of all the world instead
He is the one we call the angel
Who wants to make his life extended?
We live in city's hidden danger
I don't know - should I burn the time bridge?
And bury memories in past?
And why I keep the food in fridges?
Just cause it deteriorates so fast?
There is the round, smiling Earth
Millennium - they're always dealing
I spend the date - my own birth
And every year I catch this feeling...
My dear God, so what it's all about?
The Universe intended joke?
My soul is flying somewhere far out
In the eternity's infinite smoke
Submitted by Alex Listengort on Thu, 12/07/2018 - 15:35
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2008, 15 y.o.