Alexander Listengort - We really can change the past

  • Artist: Alexander Listengort (Александр Листенгорт Ալեքսանդր Լիստենգորթ אלכסנדר ליסטנגורט)

We really can change the past

We really may change the Past,
But not the way we are addicted,
Because the Time is quantum, friends -
Correcting errors is not restricted
We have the Power just in Present,
This is the Time we're living in,
And sometimes we have made mistakes
We're sorry for - straight up the chin!
So, you don't have to cry about it,
You make a common sense approach,
Appreciate the Moment wiser,
And move it forward with the poach
And now I want to tell the Secret:
Imagine situation, when
Did happen that unwanted moment,
And change it as you would like then
And turn to positive this view,
During the mixing games of Past,
And let it be as you just want,
Scourge the Web of thoughts, just Cast!…
Submitted by Alex Listengort on Thu, 12/07/2018 - 15:48