Alfred J. Kwak Outro (Arabic) (English translation)


Alfred J. Kwak Outro (Arabic)

دنيانا حقل واسع
فنهاجم وندافع
ونضالنا شيئ رائع
إذ إن العمر كفاح
في الدرب الحق دليل
إن الايمان جميل
ويكون الأمن أصيل
حين تعم الأفراح
اليتم لكم أبكانا
أشجانا أضنانا
جرح آلمنا زماناً
ثم الرحمن شفاه
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English translation

Alfred J. Kwak Outro (Arabic)

Our world is a vast field
So we attack and defend
And our determination to fight is brilliant
Because our life is a struggle
On our way, justice proves to us
that faith is beautiful
And security becomes something pure
when happiness reigns
Being orphaned has made us cry
It saddened and burdened us
It is a wound that hurt us for so long
And then God healed us from it
Let me know if you have any questions about my translation. Good luck.
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