aqua regia

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aqua regia (Latin) — royal water. Refers to a mixture of hydrochloric acid and nitric acid, thus called because of its ability to dissolve gold

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"aqua regia" in lyrics

You are the question what is asked malafide, don't look for a goodness in its answer
I am a scorpion which killed one self in the fire

You sell the old scrap after immersed it in aqua regia
I shoplift the kennel one till you are the last one that left inside of me
I miss your approaching of my trouble when I was angry

Kolera - What kind of person are you?

In a pot with strychnine
We'll pour some nicotine
Over the fire, we'll then
Heat a glass of aqua regia

<em>Oh, I think we'll use two</em>

Astérix - The Cake Song