Astérix - The Arsenic Cake [Le Gâteau à l'arsenic]

  • Artist: Astérix (Астерикс, أستريكس, אסטריקס )

The Arsenic Cake [Le Gâteau à l'arsenic]

Pestilential Pastries
- Ah poisonous pancakes !
- Yes
- Murderous macaroons
- Not bad
- Viper’s venom topped with cream
- Hurrah !
- Cyanide custard pie
- Great !
- Ah ! Special iced arsenic cake
- Oh yes ah ah !
Take a big bowl of strychnine
Cream with hemlock till its green
Take a glass of paraffin
Warm it up and tip it in.
No I’ll put in two for luck
Add a spot of opium
Marinate a leach in scum
Sprinkle with some chopped frog’s spawn
(Now we add a peppercorn)
- Nooo !
-Ah oh well
Crumble up your arsenic
In a glass of narcotic
Add two spoons of castor oil
Put them on the stove to boil
No I’ll put in three for luck
Put some snake’s blood in a bowl
Then stir in a crushed tadpole
Add a thimble full of glue
(Add a spot of suger too)
- Nooo !
- No ? Oh well
Add rat poison to the brew
Cobra’s venom goes in too
Sweeten it with orange juice
Three segments is what you use
No I think just one will do
Thicken all with mandrake root
Decorate with moldy fruit
Just before the funeral
- Add a spot of vitriol
- Nooo !! Oh yes !
- Haha I know it’ll be a good idea !
Special iced arsenic cake
Means that we can safely take
Seats beside the river Nile
To see the sacred Crocodile
Eat… The… Gauls!
(Ba be doo de do wa wa ! Yeah !)
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can you please rename to "The arsenic cake song (english)"

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Hi ! I've seen your request on The Jungle Book. I don't agree, since the languages are written right next to the titles. Also, the movie is french, so I think it might be more legitimate to include its (real) french name. That's how it's done in Disney's movies for example : "title in native language [english/native name]" (language). Take a look : Regular smile

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Hmm.. another way is to write the original title in the "search inside artist" bar. that would also solve the problem. but every language version of a song would need the original title in backets..