Auf Sturm (English translation)

English translation

Brewing storm*

How does this path end?
I hear you ask
The shadow of this loneliness pulls you to the ground
Today is the first day
Of what you have left
But we will win
You will survive your life
And will go laughing
No fear of death1
No one gets out of here alive
Live here, live now
Because a storm is brewing
Follow this path
One's goal, the end
Everyone is guaranteed the first in dying
You want immortality
Leave traces behind
And if they are deep enough
They'll survive your life
No one can take that from you
You'll survive your life
And you can go laughing
  • 1. Literally "big/great dying"
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Author's comments:

* "Auf Sturm" is part of the phrase "Die Zeichen stehen auf Sturm", literally "The signs point to a storm". It's literally and figuratively used to mean "a storm is brewing", "trouble is coming", etc.

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Auf Sturm

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