Ballade en novembre (English translation)

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A ballad in November

Let me brood over my memories.
Let me brood over my long gone love.
The time has come to close the door,
it is time to go to sleep.
I wasn't always smartly dressed,
my hair was falling in my eyes,
but he accepted me that way.
I believe he somewhat loved me.
It's raining
over the garden, over the shore.
It's only the rain falling on my face
that has put water in my eyes.
The gathering North wind
frolicks on its own in my hair.
I sometimes wasn't that pretty,
but I think he somewhat loved me.
My dress is still patched
and my hair is still wild,
but he accepted me that way.
I believe I loved him a lot.
I might have melted many candles
since the distant day we last met,
I might have been faithful to him,
but what good is such a high virtue?
Let me brood over my long gone love!
Let me brood over my memories!
But, before closing the door,
leave me some time to laugh
and try to smile about it...
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Je ne suis pas très content de cette traduction. Elle ne rend pas l'élégance du français.
Les suggestions sont les bienvenues.

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Ballade en novembre

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