Bilalova tuga za Resulom (English translation)

English translation

Bilal's sorrow for the Prophet

Ya Rasul1, our Imam2,
Where are you to see us?
Since you left this world,
Bilal3 doesn't make Azaan4 anymore.
When I get up to make Azaan,
A deep sorrow overcomes me.
Without the Rasul, this world had
Became as dark as the abyss.
Chorus (2x):
Ya Rasul Allah5, ya Habib Allah6!
Ya Rasul Allah5, ya Nabi Allah7
Umar8 and Ubaydah9 had come,
Each one uttering their wish:
Come on, call the Azaan, o Bilal,
Make the Rasul be joyful!
Allah had honored us,
Giving us the Qudsi Sharif10,
The land of Isra and Mi'raj11,
Today is accepting the Din12 Islam.
Chorus (2x).
And when the Bilal, above the Quds,
Uttered his sorrowful call,
The memory had came to the As-Sahabah13,
And the tear had drenched their eyelids.
May Allah the Great grant you,
O dearest Muezzin14,
To call in times when,
The Tuba tree15,
Bends over the Kawthar16!
  • 1. "Rasul" [arab. رسول] = A "Messenger" (of God Almighty). In here, refers to the Prophet Muhammad [s.a.w.s.]. (read more)
  • 2. "Imam" [arab. إمام‎] = "Leader" or "Priest". (read more)
  • 3. "Bilal ibn Rabah" [arab. بلال ابن رباح‎‎] = One of the most faithful companions of the Prophet Muhammad [s.a.w.s.], known as the first Muezzin (a person which performs the Azaan). (read more)
  • 4. "Azaan" [arab. أذان] = Call to prayer. (read more)
  • 5. a. b. O God's Messenger!
  • 6. O God's Beloved!
  • 7. O God's Prophet!
  • 8. "Umar ibn Khattab" [arab. عمر بن الخطاب‎] = One of the companions and successors of the Prophet Muhammad. He was the second Rashidun Caliph. (read more)
  • 9. "Ubaydah ibn al-Harith" [arab. عبيدة بن الحارث] = A cousin and a companion of the Prophet Muhammad [s.a.w.s.]. (read more)
  • 10. "Qudsi Sharif" [arab. قدس الشريف] = "The Noble Holy Place" - is the Arabic name for the city of Jerusalem. (read more)
  • 11. "Isra and Mi'raj" [arab. الإسراء والمعراج] = "The Night Journey" and "The Ascending Journey"; according to the Muslim Belief, are the two spiritual journeys which the Prophet Muhammad [s.a.w.s.] had taken in one night in the year 621 C.E. (read more)
  • 12. "Din" [arab. دين‎] = "Faith" or "Religion". (read more)
  • 13. "As-Sahabah" [arab. الصحابة‎] = "Companions" (of the Prophet Muhammad [s.a.w.s.]). (read more)
  • 14. "Muezzin" [arab. مؤذن‎] = "The Caller" - the person which performs the call to Prayer. (read more)
  • 15. "Tuba tree" [arab. شجرة طوبى] = lit. "Blessed tree" - a tree which, according to the Muslim belief, grows in Paradise. (read more)
  • 16. "Kawthar" [arab. كوثر] = "Abundance". According to the Muslim belief, it's a name of a river. It can be interpreted as a metaphorical river of abundance from Allah; while some interpret it as an actual river or a pond which flows inside the Paradise. (read more)
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Bilalova tuga za Resulom

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