boil down

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boil down (English) — to condense or summarize or the summary itself
Example: The President's speech boiled down to a plea for more money.

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"boil down" in lyrics

prisoner of her desertion,
deluded by her boredom.

What does her life boil down to
that she could recall like a painting[fn]a pun on the French saying "je ne peux plus voir ça en peinture" (I can't stand this anymore), lit. "I cannot even see a painting of this"[/fn]
in a nice varnished frame

Enzo Enzo - Just a good person

Every morning, same shi*, when I open the papers,
breakfast makes me sick as if I'm crunching in pig slop,
From all the nobleness, so-so economy,
All the numerous changes boil down to deceits
Give then take, slept on ciggies
Due to excise clip art, murders covered up

Beogradski Sindikat - Beef

When you check you find you're in quick-sand
You don't notice how the landscape shifts
It's like there is a volcanoe underneath and nothing can stop it
'Cause things just bubble and boil down below
Strata[fn][/fn] separates and refolds
And when you think you reached the mountain top

Linton Kwesi Johnson - My Revolutionary Friend

You can't kill the name, And every fan i have
My cult will remain, You'll feel the aftermath. Half the original long gone, They weren't loyal
A fire waiting to happen, I matched the burning oil
Boil down your temper, I don't like they way you coming at me
You lost a valued member, Now you'll have to come and catch me
My shorty told me, Sean control your own life

Sean Strange - Indirect Honesty

but its better where you're going anyway

an empty chair at all the tables
and I'll be seeing you when all my days boil down
for now we'll say good bye
we know it's not the last time

New Found Glory - Sonny

You’ll never understand other people’s failures,
you’ll never comprehend how dreams
can boil down to laughing and drinking and moving on,
and, if possible, having a fuck from time to time.

Manel - Common People

They should have come up to my knees
But they were maybe ankle high
Take the fingers from your flute to weave your colored yarns
And boil down your fruit to preserves in Mason jars
But now the books are overdue and the goats are underfed
The trap I set for you seems to have caught my leg instead

mewithoutYou - In A Sweater Poorly Knit