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Breadwinner (English) — The sole provider for a family.

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Breadwinner — кормилец

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Translations of "Breadwinner"

TurkishEvin direği
TurkishAile reisi

"Breadwinner" in lyrics

[Verse 4]
Keep my gloves dirty but my hands clean
Got to keep the business in the family
Breadwinner filling up the pantry
Now my niggas slang 'caine like a dandy
I tell you how it go

Jidenna - Classic Man

Little girls lick their wounds
The pieces of my heart have injured them
But this is hope that this drama will turn out differently
Mother earth, my mother, my breadwinner
How many years [should one] look for truth, or learn?
It's time to stop, I can not go back

Timati - Откровение

Never prayed to god, but never too late to try him
Shots fired, Allen Iverson in the league
They say I ball hog and I'm not a part of the team
Breadwinner with these winners, built the regime
Taliban weapon in hand, kill everything
Amphetamines all for the state of a better means

Juicy J - Payback

I'm sorry for the wait, nigga
I'm tighter than these pussy hoes, I'm chafe, nigga
Pockets full of crumbs, I'm a breadwinner


Lil Wayne - Hot Nigga

I repeated my calculations and was shocked

I looked in the mirror, i saw a lot of white hair
and my father is still the breadwinner of the house

I'm treated from my family as a burden

Ahmed Mekky - Atr El Hayah

I, you, she...
A woman inside me

I am a working woman, a breadwinner
I am (a one that has a) big family, educating six children
Rarely I am also a beaten woman, who bears her husband's fist

Palya Bea - A woman

On Volga-mother, river-breadwinner
There are ships with goods, strugs (type of ship) and shallops
And it )river) didnt overstrain and is not tiered.
The burden is not heavy - ships are own (russian, not foreign)

Swiming on the ship down Volga,

Vladimir Vysotsky - Song about Volga (river)

I'm coming all on my own,
With a roaring cry,
The sea calls me,
This is how a breadwinner,
Makes his way through the sea,

Siavash Sohrab - The Fisherman And The Sea