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Idiomatic translations of "Breadwinner"

Evin direği
Aile reisi

Meanings of "Breadwinner"


The sole provider for a family.

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"Breadwinner" in lyrics

Jidenna - Classic Man

Keep my gloves dirty but my hands clean
Got to keep the business in the family
Breadwinner filling up the pantry
Now my niggas slang 'caine like a dandy

Timati - Откровение

The pieces of my heart have injured them
But this is hope that this drama will turn out differently
Mother earth, my mother, my breadwinner
How many years [should one] look for truth, or learn?

Juicy J - Payback

Shots fired, Allen Iverson in the league
They say I ball hog and I'm not a part of the team
Breadwinner with these winners, built the regime
Taliban weapon in hand, kill everything

Lil Wayne - Hot Nigga

I'm sorry for the wait, nigga
I'm tighter than these pussy hoes, I'm chafe, nigga
Pockets full of crumbs, I'm a breadwinner

Ahmed Mekky - Atr El Hayah

I looked in the mirror, i saw a lot of white hair
and my father is still the breadwinner of the house

Palya Bea - A woman

A woman inside me

I am a working woman, a breadwinner
I am (a one that has a) big family, educating six children

Vladimir Vysotsky - Song about Volga (river)

On Volga-mother, river-breadwinner
There are ships with goods, strugs (type of ship) and shallops
And it )river) didnt overstrain and is not tiered.
The burden is not heavy - ships are own (russian, not foreign)

Siavash Sohrab - The Fisherman And The Sea

With a roaring cry,
The sea calls me,
This is how a breadwinner,
Makes his way through the sea,