Clean slate

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Clean slate (English) — To start anew, a new beginning. Especially after something unsuccessful.

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Clean slate — безупречная репутация; полный порядок (в делах); to start with a clean slate = начинать всё сначала, начинать новую жизнь.

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Translations of "Clean slate"

DanishGare rent bord
DanishBegynde på en frisk
RussianНачать с чистого листа
Spanishborrón y cuenta nueva
English #1, #2, Spanish

"Clean slate" in lyrics

You have to be guilty or I want to turn to dust
Make a wrong step and I can keep being right
Create the drama that releases me into freedom
Without having to say farewell to my clean slate
"Baby just give me a reason to do, what I else have no balls to do"

Alligatoah - Fuck him

Driving to your mother, only you and her
You don't dance to forget
No, you dance just to remember
You don't want a new beginning, just a clean slate
You need much more time to wander actually
What you still want from her

Mark Forster - Kogong

(Abraham Mateo)
Baby, it's over, wuh
My head hurts for crying for you
It's time to make a clean slate
How many nights agonizing for you
I'm gonna go party, party! Hey!

Abraham Mateo - The Love Is Over

[Verse 2: Macklemore]
Let’s fake another toast to the good life
Predict the future, clean slate, blue sky
Fantasy of me husband and you wife
Lyin’, staring into those two eyes

Macklemore - Thin Line

Honest answers for the bruises
Full disclosure, no excuses
Open handshake, clean slate
No hate, living history

Ozzy Osbourne - Let It Die

In Narva* they believe that the dead rivers and forest trees are our brethren
Bread that's black and white is (wine?)
I'm not a tourist, I live here
Whether there's a mark or a clean slate, big economy or small pond

Welcome to Estonia, crisscrossed rivers and dairy mountains

Tanel Padar & The Sun - Welcome to Estonia

The King is dead but the Queen is alive,
Off with his head I am done with his lies,
A fair win I have fought for my life,
A clean slate after all this time,

A revolution and now I am in charge,

Pink - The King Is Dead But The Queen Is Alive

We go together or we don't go down at all

Fail safe trigger lock down
Call wipe the dry clean slate
Quick sound the alarm
No escape from the truth

All Time Low - A Love Like War

It's too late
And your time has passed
Clean slate*
When you've understood that
You can only thank one for your success -- it's yourself

Laban - Cold as ice

I ran away from sadness, covering myself with clouds,
When others laughed, not noticing me,
I, finding myself at the beginning, started everything from the end,
With the first rays of the sun, with a clean slate.

Once and for all, once and for all

Basta - Once and For All

The very first dice to lay on the board.
It fell on young Remarson,[fn]it was in the disfavour of young remarson[/fn] he'll be the one to part in case of a shipwreck.[fn]The ship is on the brink of going under and to save it they need to throw someone overboard. To make it a fair deal the captain rolls the dice to decide who will be the one to go.[/fn]

Widows I have offended,[fn]In another version of the song Reimarson at this point lists up his different offences (so as to make a clean slate before he dies) and the list includes murder, burning of churches and lotering of villages which sounds suspiciously like traditional viking- activities. Offending widows migh mean raping them or murdering their husbands.[/fn] I've coaxed so many a maid.
But never has it occurred to me,[fn]lit: it never crossed my mind[/fn] that at sea I shall die.
Many lost at sea, many never came back home.

Folque - Young Remarson

Fall down, learn when to count it out
Prop me up, before I black out
Withdraw before you're out of time
Clean slate and buried war crimes

You've been bitten by

Muse - Thought Contagion

The ceremony is over
everyone acts semi-relieved and quasi-happy
but there's almost no actual peace
it's more a suggestive atmosphere of a clean slate
A row forms once again
and with friends I stand side by side

Brainpower - You probably had to go

and fly high above, like a dove.

Ay who could,
start with a clean slate,
go back to the old quarter's little square,
what a bad luck,

Pasión Vega - To see you again

Like a crack in the clean slate
I see emotion take over the rational
We are the favoured sons of reason
With tools at our disposal
Squandered day by day

Dark Tranquillity - State of Trust


Blank page, clean slate,
New beginning's past to create
Let's get a move on

Hark The Herons - New Start To Start

Most do not fly and do not see dreams
I do not know, maybe it is love?
I miss you so that I can not breathe
With a clean slate and learn to fly again
And force of the sun is difficult to separate
It can be seen the two halves can't live without each other

Lera Tumanova - You are in my heart

In this world , you've the winners on one side and the losers on the other
National-socialism will be a thousand years lasting peace
The universities don't apply a selection among newbies
Of the past let us make a clean slate
There is more and more racism
I love you , you are really wonderful

Jean-Jacques Goldman - It's not true !

She was a sex toy from the White House
In front of her, many would take of their white vests. [fn] A white vest means to have a clean slate [/fn]
She was the dominatrix [fn]Not accurate since she was a sex slave, but whatever. They didn't even spell her name right.[/fn] from Regan's circle of friends,
and for this she demanded a high price

Die Toten Hosen - The murder of Vicki Morgan

the heights and fly like a dove.

Ah, who could,
one clean slate
and return to the square of the old neighborhood,
Bad luck,

Pasión Vega - See You Again

Press start
I am your automaton

I am a clean slate, a jackass
Your new religion
I am virtue, your sin

Eisbrecher - Automaton

I don't waste time, I make time, tearin' a strip off the white line
I'm a professional man, I'm one of a kind, and I know how to bring it in
I've got a clean slate in five states, and twenty-nine that ain't so great
Fourteen that'll have to wait, and two I've never been

The Road Hammers - I'm a Road Hammer

We started with a clean slate
Came to stake our claim
Looking for a good time
On the streets that reek of fame

Where everybody looks good

Lukas Graham - Playtime

Standing on my path just at the beginning, the horizon taking me far away.
Wouldn't believe my eyes, when I see myself, would have never thought I could stand here, what I once wanted, once dreamed of, everything I have.

As a clean slate starting again, you see the dreams you have created breaking.
When the blue sky surrounds you with black clouds, you can only count on yourself.

Getter Jaani - Just At The Beginning

This one is gonna last too
Never fuck with me again
My own clean slate
Don't fuck with me again
Makes your eyes dilate

Alice in Chains - Frogs

Too late for lullabies
Too soon for it alright
Love takes its toll sometimes
Let’s start a clean slate, mistakes are moments in time

For every time you ever raised up your hand

James Morrison - Too Late For Lullabies

Loveless love oh loveless love
Loveless love is a godless love
I wiped a clean slate I came clean

I'm afraid I'll have to call

The Triffids - Jesus Calling

Just when I'm saying whatever
Clean slate we're back together
We're just now, see boy now I know better oh oh oh...

Tiffany Evans - Can't Walk Away

I don’t know how to sit idly by
What is there to expect
You who returns and already you want to leave
I have to do something maybe a clean slate
To begin again and then feel at home
Unacceptable love

Emma - Without Ever Having You

A light to pride and the frequent night
An apple for a thirsty bite

A clean slate, a newborn mind
Brightest blue, purple moon
Life once lived now understood

AURI - Night 13

If you want to live, just not survive
And if you need a place to run and hide
Hello knife, hello knife, hello knife
A clean slate, dirty mind
Too late, too late
Hello knife, hello knife, hello knife

Donots - Hello Knife

Yes, I'm ready to do everything for you.
I love you,
And the formula is simple,
Like starting from a clean slate,
We will root for our love

Irakli - I love you

Installed on adolescents
Monarch Omega
Isolate. Traumatized until fractional
Split into a clean slate. Readily extractable
Indoctrinate. Fabricate the unnatural
Victimize & segregate. Agitate the irrational

Abnormality - Monarch Omega

you can cook the books, and become a EU-delegate (5)

Yes indeed
You drown people in rivers, but still got a clean slate
Or push people in front of subway trains
Drive cars down into ports, so that many people die

Eddie Meduza - I'm just a jerkoff

Forgive me, it comes from inside me, I have been through a lot because I never had the means, considering that pride exceeds logic and dignity that I got from my family
Honest and organized
Like a dog, a cat and a fox, but never a snake, I still talk to my good friend even though he fucked me over once
In a big mess, you will never find a clean slate and dignity
just like the color blue or brown, my coffee is Loumidis
Think before you say or do something, you want to eat and drink, but be careful, don´t get eaten by curiosity

N.O.E. (εnN.O.E.iται) - Strange kind of love

This is the eruption of the end.
Of the past let us make a clean slate
Enslaved masses, stand up, stand up.
The world is about to change its foundation

Hoten Toten - To destroy, to rob, to plunder

Hannah from costume department said
It costs probably more than a 1,000 EUR to buy it online
Your innate bulletproof clean slate<fn>Pun with "schußsichere Weste" (bulletproof vest) and "weiße Weste" (clean slate, lit. white vest)</fn>
My wet hand on my big heart<fn>Pun with the idiom "Hand auf's Herz" meaning "let's be honest" (lit. "hand on my heart")</fn>:
You're simply the best!

Jan Böhmermann - When You're Near To Me

Oh time to hide
Now we’re the ones who decide
We’ll erase all your mistakes
A clean slate to start again
You treat us like a virus
But you’re the ones destroying the Earth

Rage Of Light - Mechanicals

I'm not your enemy
And if only we could start all over
From a clean slate
But it's no longer so

Artik & Asti - That's How It Was or, that is the question.
Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer
The “Yarovaya law”[fn][/fn] and having laid a great handful of crap
Into that senseless and so merciless
Package of her put it onto the reckless head,
Of that young and innocent child,

Mari Govori - A Verse About Internet Blocking

[fn]<em>tabula rasa</em> {smooth, close-cropped plank/board} = clean slate; a condition when there are no commitments, a brand new start.
<em>il mare è una tavola</em> {the sea is like a board} = the sea is like a millpond; the seawater is very still and smooth and perfectly even.[/fn]
If I could erase from my mind
all that’s useless
– stupid songs, hurried days,
love given to a bitch –

Piccola Orchestra Karasciò - Clean Sheet

I tried to give the dream one last chance
But in between I found a romance
A chance to start again from a clean slate

You are my cage for life

Sakia - New Silence