„Ein Lied für Den Haag“ – German National Final for the Eurovision Song Contest 1976

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The German national final for the Eurovision Song Contest 1976 was held in Frankfurt on 31 January 1976 and 1 February 1976. Twelve acts competed with one song each (each of the two shows hence included six songs) and the winner was chosen by postcard voting.

12th place (17,562 votes)

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7th place (47,714 votes)

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9th place (43,352 votes)

10th place (27,903 votes)

4th place (61,944 votes)

8th place (45,032 votes)

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6th place (53,568 votes)

1st place (118,250 votes)

This song was later disqualified because it had already been performed by a different singer prior to the national final. Therefore, the Les Humphries Singers eventually went on to represent Germany in The Hague.

11th place (24,525 votes)

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