Eurovision Song Contest 1967

Created by mk87 on 14 Mar 2018

All entries in the Eurovision Song Contest 1967.

1st place for the United Kingom.

Translations:  German French Russian 1 more

2nd place for Ireland.

Translations:  French Italian Spanish 1 more

4th place for Luxembourg.

Translations:  English Spanish Dutch 8 more

5th place for Manaco.

Translations:  Russian

6th place for Spain.

Translations:  English

7th place for Belgium.

Equal 8th place for Sweden.

Translations:  English French

Equal 8th place for Germany.

Translations:  English Russian French

Equal 8th place for Yugoslavia.

Translations:  English Russian French

Equal 12th place for Portugal.

Song | Finnish Fredi

Equal 12th place for Finland.

Translations:  English

Equal 14th place for the Netherlands.

Equal 14th place for Norway.

Translations:  English

17th place for Switzerland.

Translations:  German Russian English