Eurovision Song Contest Entries That Were No. 1 Hits, Part Three: 1980s

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All entries in the Eurovision Song Contest that were number one hits (including cover versions).

Part three of this series is dedicated to the 1980s.

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1950s and 1960s

Luxembourg 1980

No. 1 hit in France (2006 cover version by Pigloo)

Translations:  English Russian

Sweden 1980

No. 1 hit in Sweden

Ireland 1980

No. 1 hit in Ireland, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Norway and Sweden

Translations:  Turkish Serbian Finnish 6 more

United Kingdom 1981

No. 1 hit in the United Kingdom, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Ireland, Israel, the Netherlands and Spain.

Translations:  German French Norwegian 1 more
Song | German Mess

Austria 1982

No. 1 hit in Austria

Translations:  English
Song | German Nicole

Germany 1982

No. 1 hit in Germany, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Austria, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland

Sweden 1983

No. 1 hit in Norway

Translations:  English Spanish French 2 more
Song | German Anita

Austria 1984

No. 1 hit in 1984

Norway 1985

No. 1 hit in Norway and Belgium

Translations:  English German French

Belgium 1986

No. 1 hit in Belgium

Ireland 1987

No. 1 hit in Ireland and Belgium

Austria 1989

No. 1 hit in Austria

Translations:  Russian English French