Gergai'aan (The Arab version of Trick & Treat)

Created by Sara Ba on 01 May 2018 | Last edited by Sara Ba on 04 May 2018

Gergaiaan is a traditional event celebrated by kids in gulf countries each year, either 2 weeks before Ramadan or in the mid of Ramadan. It's like "trick or treat" but instead of wearing costumes they were traditional clothes and sometimes "Modernized" traditional clothes. They pass by neighbors houses in the evening singing the traditional songs of this event that has been going for tens of years, knock their doors and demand some sweets and nuts. The event is named differently in each country, it's "Gergaiaan" in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, "Hagg El Laila" in UAE, "Talba" in Oman, "Gergaoon" in Bahrain and "Garangaooh" in Qatar.

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This video is the Omani version it's about Gergaiaan but it's not their traditional song. I can't add it to LT because I can only recognize 2 lines of the whole video :D, I don't know what is she saying in the rest Teeth smile

Translation | Arabic → English Du

UAE version.
Their traditional song is the one they are singing while their on the way.

The same traditional songs used in Bahrain, Kuwait and part of Saudi Arabia.
The traditional songs are the parts sung by the group not by the singer.

Kuwaiti version. Not the traditional song.

Qatari version. There is a link below the lyrics has an alternative video, it has a good message.