Hungary in the Eurovision Song Contest

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The Hungarian Eurovision entries (Magyarország az Eurovíziós Dalfesztiválokon)

Song | Hungarian AWS

The 2018 entry

Translations:  English German Spanish 19 more

8th place in 2017

Translations:  English German Spanish 16 more

19th place in 2016

Translations:  German Spanish French 21 more

20th place in 2015

Translations:  French German Spanish 22 more

22nd place in 2011

Translations:  Spanish French German 2 more

Failed to qualify (2009)

Failed to qualify (2008)

Translations:  Galician
Song | Hungarian NOX

12th place in 2005

Translations:  English Serbian French 1 more

Failed to qualify (1996)

22nd place in 1995

Translations:  English

Failed to qualify (1993)

Translations:  English