Mexico Collection

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A collection of collections related to Mexico.

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Songs in any of Mexico's many other indigenous languages (may include songs in an indigenous language + Spanish).

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Ranchera is a genre of the traditional music of Mexico. It dates before the years of the Mexican Revolution. It later became closely associated with the mariachi groups which evolved in Jalisco. [Reference]. Since there is no genre on LT for Ranchera, I have decided to find all the artists on LT and put them all under one collection.

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Singers who lived through Mexico's Golden Age of Cinema where they either had roles in films where they provided their vocals or their careers took place during this time. 1933 to 1964 (some will argue that the era was between 1936-1957, but I will add anything between 1933 to 1964).

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Songs that include a longing for Mexico, it's independence, or general patriotism for the country.

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Songs written about or during the Mexican Revolution.

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A collection dedicated to a variety of artists and groups who have covered well known traditional songs and a couple of precious jewels (not so well known).

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Songs about the Mexican state of Oaxaca (and its many regions) or that originate from that state.

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The opening and ending themes featured in Mexican telenovelas.