My favourite performers by Country (Europe)

Created by SaintMark on 08 Feb 2018

it's hard to nail down a list of only 1 band /singer per country.
Here's a list of people that I love to put on loop, cause they always deliver.
countries still missing:
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Belgium - Lais

Honestly I'm not aware that I know any belgian artists, probly there's some that sing in french, that I'd remember the song if you played it to me. But other than that. No clue. I only know that ths band has some great songs, they sing some in french, some in dutch, and some of older languages of the region (flemish etc).

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As a german its almost impossible to name a single band. I grew up with a radio in my teenage room, and listened to the charts every saturday.
There's a myriad of bands. I picked the Hosen even tho I don't support their political agenda, but they have been "THE" german rockband for the last 30 years now. they have never put out a bad album, have a charismatic and energetic singer, and the band runs like a train. They are one of the best live bands in the world. another great band would be Dschinghis Khan, they have a great groove and solid songwriting, but musically are in a totally different ballpark.

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I know almost nothing about music in finland, but this singer has captured my heart.

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I discovered greek music only recently. so what are some singers that I can put on youtube loop without giving it a second thought ? for me that would be Nana Mouskouri, Melina Merkouri, probably Giorgos Dalaras. But my favourite right now is probably Vicky Leandros. my favourite folder in greek is "greek children songs" but they don't really count I guess.

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I have literally no clue about music in iceland, but this song is awesome.
So i'd go with "Iceland Folk", if that can even be called an artist.

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Even tho the Dropkick Murphys hail from Boston, Mass., USA, I'm sure they spend lots of time in Ireland. I don't know any irish band that I can listen to entire albums on end. So for ireland they'd be my pick.

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Israel, country of poets. Eternal nation, what really can you write about them in terms of poetry too do them justice. not much. When learning hebrew some 9 yrs ago, i mostly listened to Fortisakharof, which is really two people, Rami Fortis and Berry Sakharof, and they also had been in another band prior called Minimal Compact. many people had single hits in Israel, but my favourite picks in retrospect would probably be Berry, Chava Alberstein, Yehuda Poliker, and recently Mashina. Modern israeli popmusic is terrible IMHO, but the old classics are like a treasure chest that just has no bottom. everytime you think you found the best song, there's another one.. and another one..

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Gianna Nannini is an artist I can listen to almost every song, even though some stand out as "super-hits". Edoardo Bennato and Adriano Celentano are contenders but must take second place. other than that, I don't know too many italian artists Sad smile

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I don't know a thing about Moldova or its music, but Magnifico does it for me.

Kirsten Braten Berg is my pick for Norway. A language i started meddling with a couple years ago, but then kindof put to the side..

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For poland there can only by one pick. And that is Anna German, without any questions. Her music takes you to a different place for sure.
Other than that, my knowledge of poland's music is pretty much zero.

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This is my pick for Slovakia. I added only 1 song for them, but they have more good songs.
Since I've never been to eastern europe i know little to none about any other artists or music in Slovakia.

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For scotland two bands would come to mind: the Real McKenzies, but they are actually from Vancouver, Canada, so that leaves us with the Corries. The Corries are great to listen to, playing on their "Combolines" an instrument they invented themselves. Every song is worth listening to, and they're also good storytellers with a great sense of humor.

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I do understand a bit of spanish, but never had a spanish band that stood out to me. Which obviously means I know too little about spain's culture.
A song that stands out however is "entre dos tierras" by heroes del silencio, since it was an international hit.

my knowledge of serbian culture is nil. I started this folder however, harvesting some serbian patriotic songs from a youtube channel, where most lyrics were provided. So one of these songs would probably be my pick.

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my three picks for Sweden are Ultima Thule, Ultima Thule, and Ultima Thule. Along with Sektor Gaza, they are my hate-love bands. cause I can't believe most of their songs arent even translated to english yet, so I added every song of them on here. The day all these songs will be translated will be a glad day for me.

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Erkin Koray is the only turkish musician I can listen to every song he ever recorded without getting bored. Other than him, I know little about turkish music in general. A big thank you goes to user "celkabadi" for helping to translate every song of "Baba Erkin" into english. They were not available on the internet prior to his work effort. I just hope Erdogan will not put him in jail for his "obstructive actions", which is something that could actually happen. Sad but True.

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Not really a european country. but...For mother Russia, my three entries are Sektor, Sektor and Sektor. Even tho Yuri seems to have a fetish with vampires and death, the lyrics are funny and catchy, the arrangements are great (it's not a sektor gaza song if the Interlude is missing after the second stanza..) and Yuri is a good singer. Also they have almost no Duds, every song is unique, interesting and worth listening to. The only thing I don't understand is that these lyrics seem to have never been translated into english or another european language before. It takes so much effort to get them all translated. I've really reached a saturation point.

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For Ukraine my pick is Nadezhda Kadysheva. I still can't spell her name correctly, but her songs always hit home. Another contender would be Russya, who I discovered only recently, but she's in another ballpark (wave pop, 80s style). Other than that, Ukraine is a wasteland to me. No I don't mean the swamps of pripyat, i mean a musical wasteland.

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Joutsenpoika    Thu, 08/02/2018 - 13:42

Aus Belgien nehme ich an, dass du vielleicht Stromae kennst.

SaintMark    Mon, 26/03/2018 - 17:48

dont know him but now that I've listened to 3 of his songs really wish i hadn't known him.

Joutsenpoika    Mon, 26/03/2018 - 10:01

Okay, Stromae ist einer der bekanntesten Künstler in Europa. Seine Texte sind, im Vergleich zu den meisten Popsängern, sehr interessant und tiefgründig. Zu sagen, dass seine Lieder nicht als Musik zählen können, scheint eher zu extrem. Aber wenn das deine Meinung ist.

petit élève    Mon, 26/03/2018 - 12:45

Putting him on the same footing as Brel is just marketing bullshit, in my opinion.
At least for now, he uses far too many insignificant pop culture references, too much yoofspeak, too many themes based on petty societal squabbles to attain the universality of a guy like Brel. Featuring crass cash machines like Maître Gims or Orelsan doesn't help either.

There is no telling what he could achieve with a bit more maturity though. With good themes he really can write great songs.
He's anything but my cup of tea, but I acknowledge his mastery of the language. No doubt one of the finest pop writers alive, as far as puns; aliterations and double-entendres are concerned.

His famous "Papaoutai" for instance. The lyrics are well worth a look, even if you hate the music. I doubt you'll find much better on the market. The equally famous "Moules frite" is a masterpiece of double entendre. If you manage to get all the allusions without cheating, you can stop worrying about your French.

petit élève    Mon, 26/03/2018 - 17:23

Sounds to me like you're still locked up in that room of yours. It's safe to come out, really. The monsters are still around, but they have long lost interest in small fry like you and me Regular smile