My Favourite Yemeni Songs

Created by Sara Ba on 11 Apr 2018 | Last edited by Sara Ba on 01 May 2018

There is a saying "The art of music was born in Yemen, grew up in Hejaz, cried in Iraq, danced in Egypt and died in Sudan" .. Yemeni music can be recognized through the rhythm and sometimes the hand claps that is part of it. Abu Baker Salem is the icon of Yemeni music known internationally with covers of his songs all over the Arab world and some Asian countries too. He is originally Yemeni but moved to Saudi Arabia and was granted the nationality later. Unfortunately he passed away at the end of 2017. Here is a video of a Saudi billionaire (originally from Yemen) in his son's wedding day, he invited Abu Baker Salem to perform some songs, you can see him sitting on the stage floor to enjoy every moment of his singing as he adores his art so much, then group of other gulf singers all setting around him in circle as if he is the teacher, and they're the students.