Ramadan Ads through the Years (Updated regularly)

Created by Sara Ba on 04 May 2018 | Last edited by Sara Ba on 01 Jun 2018

Every year, Telecom companies compete in releasing the best Ramadan advertisement videos. Ramadan and Eid ads. are different and special than all other ads. They always represent the Ramadan and Eid spirits. Spreads good messages of sharing happiness doing good deeds. In the Islamic believes the good deeds in Ramadan is rewarded highly than any other month of the year, that's why people try to be the best they can be in this month. Helping others, charity money, visiting relatives and family gatherings are the most messages in those videos. There are zillion ads, but these are just my favorites Teeth smile

Usually family gathers at the breakfast (Iftar) time, to have the meal together:

This is a good Ad. too .. (Allah Akbar) means (Allah is GREATER) often connected to terrorism acts and bombings unfortunately. (Allah is Greater) is the start of the prayer call, and in this video, Allah is greater than us and our little fights, Allah is greater than us when we think that we had it all, that we own the world. He is Greater than illness. He is Greater than stupid exams and difficulties. He is Greater than the separation to our loved ones. Greater means that He can solve all of those in a blink of an eye, that it's Him whom we should return to for help. The Ad. ends with a phrase "Allah is Greater, is a call that when we highly value, it will lift us up in life"

Another good video that explains the misconception about this phrase:

The favorite Ramadan Ad. for many.

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This video shows Ramadan in the Saudi society over the past 50 years. I explained the video more in the comment box below the translation.

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