Rolling Stone's 100 Greatest Brazilian Songs

Created by Alma Barroca on 03 Feb 2018 | Last edited by Alma Barroca on 24 Apr 2018

In 2009, the Brazilian edition of the famous 'Rolling Stone' magazine released a list of the 100 greatest (notice: it doesn't mean most important or most popular) Brazilian songs ever. In this list you'll find songs performed by either their original author or a cover (in these cases I'll try to convey info about original performer).

This is a good start if you're interested in knowing songs by MPB (Popular Brazilian Music) artists. If you're interested in more popular music, you can check the list of Brazilian artists, which contains artists from all generations.

Take in consideration that this list doesn't contain my own personal choices - and, of course, different Brazilian people will or will not agree with it.

#29 ('Coisa nº 5' by Moacir Santos), #53 ('Brasileirinho' by Waldir Azevedo) and #79 ('Maria Fumaça' by Banda Black Rio), are instrumental songs.

The list can be found in the following Portuguese sites:

To be expanded and completed soon.

#30 (check description for info).

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