Singers from Mexico's Golden Age of Cinema

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Singers who lived through Mexico's Golden Age of Cinema where they either had roles in films where they provided their vocals or their careers took place during this time. 1933 to 1964 (some will argue that the era was between 1936-1957, but I will add anything between 1933 to 1964),

Artist | Mexico Opera

a Mexican singer, actor, songwriter, equestrian, film producer, and screenwriter. During his career, he recorded over 150 albums, which sold 25 million copies and acted in more than 120 films. He was given the honorific nickname "El Charro de México" (Mexico's Horseman) because he is credited with popularizing the Mexican equestrian sport la charrería to international audiences. He began his acting career in 1952 during the Golden Age of Mexican cinema.

Artist | Mexico Latino

a Mexican film and television actor and singer of the Golden Age of Mexican cinema. He was also known as El Gallo Giro.

Artist | Mexico
Artist | Mexico
Top song:  Cariño verdad