Songs with the name Mary

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Songs should be dedicated to a Mary or include the name at least once in the lyrics
*the list is being updated*

''Down the road I look and there runs Mary''
''Down the lane I walk with my sweet Mary''

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''Τα μπούτια σου Μαρία..''

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Song | English 2Pac

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''She calls herself Maria''

Translations:  Italian Greek

''Για τα μάτια σου, Μαρία''

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''πριγκίπισσά μου εσύ
Μαρία και Ελένη''

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''Πες μου Μαρία μήπως θυμάσαι''

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''καλύτερα να σ’ έλεγαν Μαρία''

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Song | Spanish us5

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''Cut up, Maria''

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