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A list of songs that are tributes to people who have passed away.

tribute to Avenged Sevenfold's late drummer Jimmy "The Rev" Sullivan.

Mark Hoppus said the song's inspiration came from "reading a magazine where some teenage kid had killed himself and left a letter for his family.''

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Tribute to Paul Walker.

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Tribute to Eric Clapton's 4 year old son, Conor, who fell from a window of a 53rd-floor New York apartment in 1991.

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Tribute to Danny O'Donoghue's late father – and to guitarist Mark Sheehan’s parents.

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Originally written for Marilyn Monroe, then dedicated to Princess Diana.

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Song | English U2

Tribute to Ian Curtis

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Tribute to Marvin Gaye

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Tribute to Michael Jackson.

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Tribute to Buddy Holly

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Tribute to Martin Luther King

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Inspired by Jonathan Melvoin's overdose.

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Considered as a tribute to Diana, Princess of Whales, although it was released before her death.

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According to Songfacts,''Ozzy has stated that he wrote the lyric about AC/DC's lead singer Bon Scott, who was found dead after a night of drinking. Bassist Bob Daisley, however, maintains that he wrote the lyric about Ozzy, who was struggling with his own alcohol problems at the time. Evidence is in Daisley's favor, as he was the lyricist for the project. ''

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Tribute to Walter Cichon, the leader of Jersey Shore band the Motifs, who went missing in action in Vietnam in 1968.

Dedicated to Lianne Davies and Lloyd Bird, friends of the singer.

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Tribute to Brandon Teena, an American trans man who was raped and murdered in Humboldt, Nebraska in 1993.

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Singer Jacoby Shaddix explained the background of the song to Loudwire: "It's about a really good friend of mine who passed away the last couple of years," he said. "I never got to say my piece, and he was someone who really helped me when I was down and out and helped me clean my life up and then I went out there and lived that wicked life again, and when I was out there, he passed away. I've always had a hole in my heart from that so I decided to write a song about that." as found on

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Tribute to Lady Gaga's aunt who died of lupus in 1974.

Tribute to Mike Dirnt's friend who died in a car accident.

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Tribute to Shane Told's cousin.

Tribute to her then boyfriend Cory Monteith who died in 2013.

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Tribute to Andrew Goodman, a college student and civil rights activist who was slain in 1964 by the Ku Klux Klan.

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Dedicated to AIDS victim Ryan White.

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Dedicated to missing children from the early 90's. Some children were found alive after being featured in the video, some others' remains were found a decade later.

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Tribute to the singer's uncle and John Lennon.

Tribute to Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds

Tribute to Williams's manager David Enthoven.

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missing videos posted. please add.

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hasta siempre - the song for che guevara.
there are several versions available.

a song about biblical samson - but probably to a more modern setting.
so if its about the real samson or a more modern one, remains up for discussion.

Drei Kugeln auf Rudi Dutschke - Wolf Biermann

Diazepan Medina    Tue, 03/04/2018 - 12:18
Tribute to Ulises Montero, Spanish saxophonist who played with Gabinete Caligari and many other bands and died of a heart attack
Tribute to the poet Pedro Bonifacio Palacios (also known as Almafuerte).
Tribute to John Lennon
Tribute to Ernesto Che Guevara
Tribute to René Favaloro, Argentine cardiac surgeon best known for his pioneering work on coronary artery bypass surgery. He commited suicide in 2000. Although his suicide is often linked to the Foundation’s financial difficulties, his suicide note clearly shows Favaloro overwhelmed by the corruption of the health system and feeling that he could not fight against this powerful organization.
Tribute to Felix Rodriguez de la Fuente, Spanish naturalist and broadcaster who died in 1980 on a helicopter accident while filming a dog race in Alaska.
Tribute to Francisco Rivera Pérez known as Paquirri. He was a famous bullfighter and Isabel Pantoja's husband.
He died in 1984 in a bullfight (he was gored by the bull "Avispado").
Tribute to Claudio «Pocho» Lepratti. Argentinian activist who was killed during the 2001 riots.
Tribute to Chabuca Granda.
Tribute to Carlos Gardel.