ESC-Vorentscheid 2018: Unser Lied für Lissabon

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Here are the six songs that participated in the German national final for the Eurovision Song Contest 2018 in Lisbon/Portugal. It took place on 22nd February.

  • Ivy Quainoo - House On Fire
  • Michael Schulte - You Let Me Walk Alone
  • Natia Todua - My Own Way
  • Ryk - You And I [no lyrics available yet]
  • voXXclub - I Mog Di So
  • Xavier Darcy - Jonah [no lyrics available yet]


"The winner will be selected by a combination of public voting, a […] Eurovision panel, and an international expert jury panel. The Eurovision panel consists of one hundred members recruited through surveys on social media in order to reflect the taste of the wider European audience, and it participates in the decision-making process from the candidate selection phase to the televised final. The international expert jury panel will comprise [twenty] members who previously sat on the national juries of their respective countries at the Eurovision Song Contest."

And the winner is: You Let Me Walk Alone by Michael Schulte!

"House On Fire" by Ivy Quainoo

Translations:  German Serbian

"You Let Me Walk Alone" by Michael Schulte [winner]

Translations:  German Spanish Dutch 15 more

"I Mog Di So" by voXXclub

Translations:  English

"My Own Way" by Natia Todua

Translations:  German
SiHo_92    Thu, 22/02/2018 - 23:06

Congratulations to Michael Schulte who won the German national selection with his song "You Let Me Walk Alone". Let's see which position he will achieve in the Grand Final… Wink smile