Sektor Gaza - Vstuplenye (Вступление) (English translation)

English translation

Introduction (1989)

- Hello, Yuri!
- Oh! Hello!
- High five, what are you doing?
- I wrote my album!!! I'm very tired!
Oh, I just have a tape recorder.
Do you want to listen it while batteries is charged?!
- Well, let's begin.
- Well, listen this!
Hello, guys, good afternoon!
The "Sektor gaza" band presents for you
Its old album code-named
"Sektor Gaza", "Black Box" studio.
We recorded our album to spite all ass-holes,
He, who hasn't heard us may say: "I was lucky!"
And he, who won't say this, I wish he'd get a lump stuck in his throat.
So, we present our very first album:
VIA1"Sektor gaza" one, VIA "Sektor gaza" two!
VIA "Sektor gaza" three, VIA "Sektor gaza" four!
VIA "Sektor gaza" five, VIA "Sektor gaza" sex!
VIA "Sektor gaza" fun, VIA "Sektor gaza" Hoy!
  • 1. VIA - this is abbreviation of Russian words 'vokal'no-instrumental'nyi ansambl'' ("vocal instrumental ensemble"). So were called music bands in the USSR. The Russian abbreviation "VIA" is assonant with English words "We are".
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Vstuplenye (Вступление)

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Some comments again:
S1L6 batteries is charged->batteries are fresh

S3L2 Who doesn't listen us, let he say: "I was lucky!",->He, who hasn't heard us may say: "I was lucky!", or Those who haven't heard us may say: "We were lucky!",
S3L3 And who won't say this, let it be lump in his throat.->And he, who won't say this, I wish he'd get a lump stuck in his throat.