Brian Roebuck - Amhrán Na bhFiann

Gaelic (Irish Gaelic)

Amhrán Na bhFiann

Sinne Fianna Fáil
Atá Faoi Gheall Ag Éireann
Buíon Dár Slua
Thar Toinn Do Ráinig Chughainn
Faoi Mhóid Bheith Saor
Seantír Ár Sinsear Feasta
Ní Fhágfar Faoin Tíorán Ná Faoin Tráill
Anocht A Théam Sa Bhearna Baoil
Le Gean Ar Ghaeil Chun Báis Nó Saoil
Le Gunna Scréach Faoi Lámhach Na Bpiléar
Seo Libh Canaig Amhrán Na Bhfiann
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michealt    Fri, 23/03/2018 - 04:00

This is the Unofficial Irish National anthem, not the official one. And the Irish text is a translation of the English, not the other way round. But for all practical purposes, it's the Irish text that gets sung at the end of musical evenings and so on, at least by Irish in the UK and in Spain.

The Official Irish National Anthem is the chorus (of which this is a rather inaccurate Irish translation written in about 1920 by Liam Ó Rinn and published in 1923) of "The Soldiers Song" written in English in about 1907 by Peadar Kearney and set to music by him and Patrick Heeney; the English song was made faomus by its use at the Dublin GPO during the 1916 Easter Rising. The Irish Army adopted the chorus of the English song as a national song. In 1926 the the president as asked in parliament what the national anthem was, and the parliament's speaker ruled the question unacceptable; the parliament then asked what was the army using as its national anthem and got the answer "The soldiers song". That has been interpreted as an adoption by the parliament of the soldiers song, as used by the army, as the national anthem; the army used only the English version, as most of its troops had little or no Irish; and the army wanted only the chorus (in 1926 that was their normal practice; in 1928 they made that official policy). Parliament has several times declined to adopt the Irish version, and has several times looked at commissioning a decent Irish version of the original chorus to adopt as the official national anthem but last time I checked (years ago, so things may since have changed) there was still nothing done.

The original song plus O'Rinn's Irish translation (of the whole song, not just the chorus) can be found atán-na-bhfiann.html, or on the official site of the Irish Prime Minstry atúil/An_tAmhrán_Náisiúnta/......
(I think the introduction has been given some different dates since the first time I read it, but the song and translation haven't changed).