Learning How To Fly (French translation)


Learning How To Fly

learning how to fly is easy
but then you realize
you haven't left the ground
recreate lightness and atmosphere
elevate untruth immaculate
life's initial misconception
overtaken from the outside
by these minute deviations
as birth's defect sends us falling
learning how to fly is easy
but then you realize
you haven't left the ground
caught up in lightness and misery
suffering the gravity of faith
buried alive in the hollow crucifixion
fills up with light suffocating
eyes turned upward to the blinding
vision resides in this nowhere
history is ours
all that we achieve
all that we believe - in
transcendence becomes
law above the law
bind us one and all - fall
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French translation

Apprendre à voler

apprendre à voler c'est facile
mais ensuite tu te rends compte
que tu n'as pas quitté le sol
recréer la légèreté et l'atmosphère
élever le mensonage immaculé
l'erreur de la conception de la vie
depassé par l'extérieur
par ces changements miniscules
alors que le défaut à l'origine nous fait tomber
apprendre à voler c'est facile
mais ensuite tu te rends compte
que tu n'as pas quitté le sol
coincé par la légèreté et la misère
Souffrir de la gravité de la foi
enterré vivant dans la vide crucifixion
se remplit de lumière suffocante
les yeux tournés vers le haut [et] la lumiere aveuglant
la vision réside dans ce néant
l'histoire est à nous
tout ce que nous réalisons
tout ce que nous croyons - en lequelle
la transcendance devient
loi au dessus de la loi
nous lie tous l'un à l'autre - tomber
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Sarasvati    Tue, 25/09/2018 - 20:05

Oh que c'est rigolo !
2/2-le mensonage immaculé...>le mensonge immaculé..? je sais pas trop mais c'est pas mensonage
Mais il existe un livre qui s'appelle
Un roman sans mensonage alors ?

DanielZ    Thu, 27/09/2018 - 02:44

Quel interesant--presque un oxymore! Moi aussi vraiment je trouve ça rigole du tout. Regular smile

- Daniel

petit élève    Tue, 25/09/2018 - 20:09

There are a few issues with the French, but I can't really suggest anything better since I have no clue what they're talking about.

flotter -> that means "to float". "to fly" is "voler"

quitté la terre -> that would mean exit Earth's orbit. Rather "quitté le sol" (take off)

par l'au-delà -> "au-delà" as a noun means "the afterlife"

from the outside -> par l'extérieur

"souffrir" requires "de" (except in a specific fixed expression "je ne peux pas le souffrir" -> "I can't stand this guy"). For instance "souffrir de la faim..."

DanielZ    Tue, 25/09/2018 - 20:24

Most helpful comments. Thank you. Regular smile I thought in this instance "flotter" might be a better alternative to "voler" due to the other synonym for "voler" being negative. I myself have been confused a couple of times as to song meaning by the word "voleur"--and only after the context provided by the spoken lyrics did I understand that it was "flyer" and not "thief." But "flotter" of course quite isn't "fly"--I appreciate the correction on that.

"Quitté le sol" sounds so much better--I've got to remember "sol" is "soil". And I'll try to associate astronauts with "quitté la terre". Regular smile

Other changes to be made to bring to life these lyrics in French. Yup, I do agree--it does seem like the songs takes quite a bit of interpretation as to the story line and even within the lines themselves.

Merci encore une fois pour des commentaires excellentes! Regular smile

- Daniel

petit élève    Tue, 25/09/2018 - 20:35

Yep, this double meaning of "voler" is unfortunate, but in that case (apprendre à voler), the "fly" meaning is more likely to cross a native's mind Regular smile
"flotter" would not really evoke flying (or hovering) unless you added something, like "flotter dans l'air".

"sol" can mean "ground" or "soil" (or even a musical note), depending on the context. Just one of these pesky French words Wink smile