On lâche rien (English translation)

English translation

we don't let anything

from the inside of HLM city
just for your intense compagne
our reality is the same
and everywhere revolution rumble
in the world, we don't have our place
we don't have the the right physic for work
we weren't born in palaces
we don't have Blue card from dad
SDF,unemployed, worker
farmers,immigrants,witout papers
they wanted to split us
i have to say that they did it
if everyone is only looking for his food
there system may work
however,one day we must wake up
and heads starts falling on the ground
we don't let anything,we don't let anything
we don't let anything,we don't let anything
we don't let anything
we don't let anything
we don't let anything,we don't let anything
they talked about egality
and like fools ,we believed them
democracy make me tired
if only we knew that was the case
what is worth our ballot paper
in front of the market law
it is silly dear compatriotes
we were kissed (offended)
what is worth human rights in front of selling an airbus
inside, there is only one rule
we sell ourself,so we can sell more
republic is prostituting herself in front of dictators
there sweet talks , we won't believe anymore
our leaders are liars
it is so silly,it is so silly
to talk about peace, brotherhood
when SDF are starving
and when we hunt people with no papers
when we throw crumbs to the proletariat
just only to calm them
they don't touch millionaire bosses
so much precious for their society
it crazy how much they protect our riches people and
powerful mens
it no saying that will help
to become the president's friend
dear friends, dear electorate
dear costumers ,citizens
the clock has rang, it is time
to reset counters
when there is struggel, there is hope
when there is life,there is fights
and when we fight it means we are up
when we are up, we don't give up
the rage to win go throught our veins
now, you know what we are fighting for
our ideal is more then a dream
another world,we do't have a choice
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On lâche rien

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Lara .    Fri, 12/10/2018 - 09:08

The translation of "Jusque dans ta cAmpagne profonde" it's wrong and I think it's more like "to the deep of your countryside" but I'm not sure just wanted to underline the mistake Regular smile