Das Gefühl (English translation)

English translation

The Feeling

Now you're gone, time stands still,
The fairy tale feeling is over
The clouds no longer carry me,
Your last word is way too heavy
But how could I remove this feeling inside of me?
I love you way too much
How will I get rid of this feeling,
The yearning deep inside of me,
The fear of a new day,
The first day after you?
For seconds already
I haven't even missed you at all,
But then I close my eyes,
And I dream that you kiss me
How will I get rid of this feeling
Before it breaks my heart?
I think it won't ever go away,
A blue stain on my heart
I promised myself I'd be strong,
Tonight I'm dancing alone
And I wish for you to be lonely,
For you to miss me
[Chorus] (x2)
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