David and Saul (English translation)

English translation

David (King) and Saul (King)

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Late at night
Everyone is long asleep
Only Saul is up, gloomy
He calls David on the telephone
Come over David
My soul is a black sea
Bring your guitar
Because in your fingers there is light
David comes immediately, calm,
He sits focused
Knowing well what to do
Look away and play
With his ten fingers
Each fingertip a ray of light
When he plucks the strings
Time flows backwards
Saul is torn inside
With conflicts in his guts
love-hate, jealousy,
Indebted to his friend
Something dark falls
The demon has returned to misbehave
A knife is thrown in the air
Suddenly there is a wall beween them
David withdraws from Saul
But Saul persists
David is forgetful, and forgiving
While Saul insists
Play again for me David
Take me to the stars
Come play again tonight
A song of longing
Play again tonight
Play again tonight
A song of longing
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Author's comments:

The song refers to the biblical narrative of King Saul and the soon to be crowned King David.who would replace Saul's own dynasty. David was known to calm the emotionally charged Saul by his lyre-guitar playing. Saul's own son Jonathon deferred to David as far as succession was concerned.


David and Saul