Death Machine - Under The Pillow


Under The Pillow

Years gone by
Feeling suppressed and dry
Tempted to lies
Here open wide
Dreaming behind your cries
Take your pill
Forget about what you have killed
Try filling out the roads you've drilled
'Cause now you need to pay the bills
Your bill
You look fine
You do what they say and smile
A perfect disguise
Walk alone
Taking you down this road
You don't lie, but you will need an alibi
Been working hard to get it right
So you can look them in the eye
Crawl into your bed at night
You can't sleep
You're trapped inside your mind
Under the pillow
You can't breathe
You try to cry
Rivers gone
They're absolutely dry
Under the pillow
You hold down the pillow
You're under the pillow
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