Desde lejos no se ve (English translation)

English translation

From afar is not seen

From afar is not seen...
Up, up, up
life's passing by
the day, the day
the soup is leaving
neither cold, the soup
the bus is passing by
the bus leaves.
Life, life, life,
stupefied life
despicable, twisted
going crazy
and nothing can stop it
it walks convinved
on the great city.
From afar is not seen...
People, people, people
walking so crazy
hot, the people
scratch that they don't feel
the hot grave
it seems that this dance
is the one dancing here.
And said, said, said
a friendly mouth
I like that it says
that there are too much cops in the ice cream shop
while was drowning in its mouth
the virtual berry
Tired, high, tired
laying on a side
laying, it costed
too intoxicated
smoothed, disabled
looking at any leg
that wants to show up.
And fell, fell, fell
in my experience
my girl
of knowing you
loved you and lost you
like a mermaid
that returns to the sea.
Ah, ah... is not seen
Up, up, up
life's passing by
the day wrinkles
the turtle scapes
lame, deaf and dumb
tied and fluorescent
the turtle leaves.
I sense, suspect, argue
said Perogrullo
the bad thing is the weed
it's the cadence
old penance
the bad is that it moves
and it's not used to warn
From afar is not seen...
Ah, ah... is not seen
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Desde lejos no se ve

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Poni de Cthulhu    Wed, 11/07/2018 - 14:35

Traduciría ''que se te va la vida'' como ''life's passing by'', pues tiene el sentido metafórico, que ''going'' no da, el cual se refiere más a un movimiento físico que a una posible figura retórica. (Y así evitas repetir ese verbo en el mismo párrafo) Regular smile