Destiny Lab - Robophobia



("This is all so new...")
("It's not new. I realized that nothing we've been doing is new.
We haven't been tapping into new areas of the brain,
we've just been awakening the most ancient.
This technology is simply a route to powers
that conjurers and alchemists used centuries ago.")1
We're seeing an exponential growth in all machines and innovations
As technology surpasses and exceeds our limitations
Implications could be serious and many past and present futurists
Have been warning us for years about the consequences
Massive repercussions, we see the evidence, dependence
On our internet and phones and games and television
Losing independence, as we've immersed ourselves in working
All our fingers to the bones for corporations
We give them back our paychecks for the latest and the greatest
Plastic upgrades, name brand products, and replacements
And build their databases investing hours of our own free time
Uploading information used against us
To target us with market advertising toward our interests
Collecting information used to monitor our senses
Correcting anyone who won't comply or be connected
How long before a mandatory microchip's injected?
It's the age old lie, the promise of utopia
The carrot on the stick, the empty cornucopia
Technological hive mind dystopia
What will arise is a time of robophobia
It's an emerging type insurgence, converging and been burgeoning
And churning, slowly bursting to the surface; it's concerning every person
And confirming every warning, the disturbing thought, we're working
Toward a single mind that's merging and converting us to downloadable versions
Of ourselves inside a full immersion, universal simulated virtual reality
Where every living earthling's neural pathways are inspected mandatorily
And connected using voice-to-skull telepathy
Absorbing data, fingerprints, to play us back like instruments
Manipulating just like we're puppets of ventriloquists
Remote controlling human beings like Ouija boards
Coursing through the veins like circuit boards
Record the sounds of every vocal chord
Moving exponentially towards a singularity
Eventually we won't distinguish magic from technology
And robots will unplug from electricity, no longer using batteries
But powered like a golem, using alchemy
Slowly manipulate genetically our DNA collectively
Infecting every living organism and directing every
Intersecting thought and every memory and vision
Inspecting our opinions and collecting our decisions
A digital technocracy emerging as philosophy
Inserting thought police patrols and mind control technology
Removing private property, enforcing thought bureaucracy
Reducing every freedom and pursuit of life and liberty
Consistently expanding all their terms and their conditions
With minimum requirements and maximum restrictions
Creating unknown problems to offer fake solutions
To complicate the system till there's nothing but confusion
Depicting anyone who won't conform as unacceptable
Demanding everyone to all agree and not be skeptical
Eventually connecting every mind from every nation
Fulfilling prophecy from Genesis to Revelation
("Even with all these new abilities, there are dangers.")
("The human race lost that knowledge
and now I'm reclaiming it through virtual reality.")
("You're moving too fast...")
  • 1. Samples from the 1992 sci-fi movie The Lawnmower Man
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