Dombıra (English translation)



Kara kıs avulumga kelgende
Kültüldegen kar yerge tüsgende
Dombıramdı alarman
Yürek sazım çalarman
Kaygırgandı eş aytbam
Dombıra sazım estgen ataylar
Manesine es bergen anaylar
Estgenine oy berip
Yüreklerge ses berip
Köz yastı kızganmaslar
Nogaydın kaygı sansız kününde
Batirler yuklamagan kününde
Yüreklerin kötergen
Sogıslarda küş bergen
Köptü körgen Dombıra…
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English translation


When the dark winter hits my village
When the snow comes down in flurries
.I take my dombra
.I sing my heart's song
.I never mention my worries (x2)
Elders who hear my dombra song
Mothers who listen to its meaning
.Think about what they hear,
.With their hearts shievering
.Wouldn't spare their tears. (x2)
Ey, dombırа... Ey, dombırа...
Each day, the Nogai have myriad of troubles
In days when valiants don't get any sleep
.Their hearts are boldened (by)
.During wartimes, empowered (with)
.All knowing, seasoned dombra (x2)
Ey, dombırа... Ey, dombırа...
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Author's comments:

I listed the dombıra as dombra because with English orthography it sounds more like the original word. The i in the middle would make one pronounce a much different word.

Even though I had submitted the song, now the original shows as submitted by a Guest.
Thus I cannot update the video on the main page.
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