Dry as a bone

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Dry as a bone (English) — Very dry, a variant of bone dry, but can also be used as assurance to being dry: "You'll be dry as a bone!"

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Dry as a bone — knochentrocken = sehr trocken
Beispiele: knochentrockener Humor, Fleisch, Rasenfläche

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"Dry as a bone" in lyrics

Sing for your lover
Who's waiting at home
If you sing when you're high
And you're dry as a bone
Then you must realise
That you're never alone

Placebo - Summer's gone

Everyone is broken

You can force it, but it will stay stung
You can crush it as dry as a bone
You can walk it home straight from school
You can kiss it, you can break all the rules

Radiohead - Planet Telex

I'm going to find me a dying river
and strike a deal with her I'll say.
"I'll fold you in two and I'll carry you away
to a place where your headwaters will flow
clean through to your mouth"
in return I'll request a small sanctuary

Cowboy Junkies - River Waltz