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Eduardo & Monica

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Who will ever say that
the tricks the heart plays on us
Have a purpose?
And who will ever tell
The opposite, either?
Eduardo opened his eyes, did not feel like getting up
He didn't leave the bed, glanced at the clock to learn the time
All the while , Monica was drinking some brandy
Somewhere at "the other end of town", as they both usually called it
One day, Eduardo and Monica met each other casually
They struck up a long conversation, willing to know each other better
Some dude from Eduardo's prep school then said
"There'll be party later, we gonna get some fun"
"That's a weird party, loads of weird people"
"I'm not feeling well, can't take another drink", Eduardo says
Monica grins, and wants to know more about this dude
That was here trying to make an impression on her
And he, his head dizzy, just wants to go home
"Almost two in the morning, I'm in trouble with my folks"
Eduardo and Monica exchanged phone numbers
Later they rang each other, and decided to go dating
He suggests some snack bar
She wants to go for a Godard's movie, though
So, they met in a park in town
She comes in a motorcycle, he arrives in a bicycle
It felt a bit strange for him, "well, let it go", he thinks.
It's just that the girl wears the dyed hair
Eduardo and Monica were worlds apart
He was a Leo and 16
She was studying Medicine and speaks German fluently
He, on the other hand, was still taking crappy English classes
She was fond of Bandeira, Bauhaus
He was a fan of soap-operas,
And used to play button soccer with his grandpa
She often talked about the political scene in Brasilia
And also, about mystical affairs and meditation
He, on the contrary, could not go any further than his
"School-movies-clubs-TV" routine would allow
And despite all this difference, suddenly,
They got an urge to be close to each other
Then, they went on seeing themselves daily
And that urge grew stronger and stronger, just as it is supposed to be
Eduardo and Monica took classes of swimming, photography
Acting, handcrafting and decided to go traveling
She used to explain to him carefully general facts
About the skies, the planet, the water and the air.
Later, he gets himself started on drinking, lets his hair grow longer
And decides to look for a job
And imagine that, she graduates on the same month
He passes the admission test
And they celebrate it together
And also quarrel, always together, times and times later
And everybody says he is the other half of hers
And vice-versa, like beans and rice
They have built their house two years ago
Nearly by the time their twins were born
And fought earnestly to make money, managing to handle
The hardest time they had had
And so, Eduardo and Monica have come back to Brasilia
And, every summer, I miss those good times we had together
But they are not going to travel this year
Because their little boy will take the summer school
Ah! Ahan!
Who will ever say that
the tricks the heart plays on us
Have a purpose?
And who will ever tell
The opposite, either?
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Recuperação escolar is a period of extra classes and exams for students who have failed to get satisfactory grades to move on to the next semester or year. It may occur in the middle or at the end of the year.

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Eduardo e Mônica

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