El balneario de los doctores crotos (English translation)

English translation

The beach of the dirty doctors

Aia ia io pague io
Aia ia io pague
The bum was going confident to the beach
where nobody takes a bath, you know
cheers dear, prominent figure
the difference is in the chaqué.
The life of this dirty man is well known
his name is Iseca and he ignores the law
they indemnize him for some beans
he went crazy and he says he's Baley1
(Everyone's crazy in this house)
Some say he was a teacher
others assert he was a doctor
there was no money for his genius
the assholes privatized.
Now the cops sometimes lock him
and listens to the struggle of Huracan champion
the teacher and goalkeeper Iseca
dries his forehead and renounces to pain.
Give your red eyes for it to dance
for the great heart to dance always...
The crown sun of golden thorns
the nasty beach at the dawn
look, the dirty men smoke broken ciggies
they laugh and drink a mate too
Sometimes they scream, spit, curse,
they complain, they fight, they stop the fuss
then they drink a wine in the sand
they sleep without pain till the morning.
The dirty man doesn't own the red wine he drinks,
nor the gasoline that takes him, nor the truck, nor the train,
nor the ciggy he smokes, nor the lamp hanging,
nor the gas, nor the water, nor the kerosene,
nor the chickens, the cows, the land, the cans,
nor the planes he sees,
the routes he walks, the phones he ignores,
nor the voices in the radio, nor the yesterday news.
  • 1. Hector Baley, former Argentinian football player
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El balneario de los doctores crotos

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