Moris - El oso (English translation)

  • Artist: Moris
  • Also performed by: Antonio Birabent
  • Album: Treinta minutos de vida
  • Song: El oso
English translation

The bear

I lived very happy at the forest,
I walked, walked without stopping.
The mornings and the evenings were mine,
at night I laid to sleep.
But one day the man came with his cages,
he locked me and took me to the city.
At the circus they taught me the pirouettes,
and that's how I lost my beloved freedom.
"Accept it" an old tiger said to me,
"you'll always have shelter and food,
they only demand us to do the pirouettes
and make the children happy".
It's been four years of this life,
with the circus I've been around the world like this.
But I never could forget completely,
my forests, my evenings and myself.
In a distant village
somebody didn't close the lock
in a moonless night
and I left the city.
Now I stand on my forest's ground,
again the green of my freedom.
I'm old, but the evenings are mine,
I'm back to the forest, I'm really happy.
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El oso

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